Sloan: Corporation Commission should update decade-old Rail Safety plan

In response to another deadly train accident in Flagstaff over the weekend, Eric Sloan, candidate for Arizona Corporation Commission has announced his plan to improve rail safety and oversight of Arizona’s railroad traffic.

“For the third time this year, we’ve witnessed a tragic accident Flagstaff,” said Sloan. “As we grieve the continued loss of life it should also prompt a response from state officials and serve as a reminder that we should be doing everything we can to prevent accidents like these from happening around the state.”

“Anyone who has spent any time in Flagstaff knows how often trains pass through town. Combined with the number of crossings, and the railroad’s proximity to busy downtown areas, state officials have a responsibility to do everything they can to make the area as safe as possible. That’s why I’m disappointed the Corporation Commission hasn’t brought together stakeholders to review and revise the Rail Safety and Security Resource Guide for more than a decade.

“Once elected to the Arizona Corporation Commission, one of the first things I’ll do is reconvene the private and public rail safety partnership and update the plan to reduce rail-related fatalities around the state. With thousands of crossings and 3,000 miles of railroad in the state revising the plan is long overdue.”

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