Eric Sloan will vote no on APS rate increase


Eric Sloan will vote no on APS rate increase

PRESCOTT— Eric Sloan, candidate for the Corporation Commission, boldly proclaimed on a televised debate that he is the only candidate that will vote no on the APS rate increase being considered by the current Commission. The current proposed rate increase would generate $184 million in new revenue for APS.

Eric Sloan was the only candidate for the Corporation Commission to publicly reject the proposed increase and to publicly say so.

Other candidates avoided answering the question. Mr. Sloan opponents’ in the Corporation Commission race refused to make a comment. Mr. Sloan argued that if the other candidates don’t have the courage to say no on television then they will not say no when they vote on the rate increase.

“This APS rate case is filed and available for public review and comment and unless the Commission or APS is hiding something in their rate increase proposal from the public, then I have all the facts they have given to the Commission,” said Sloan. “I will vote no based on the current facts. APS may try to sue me to recuse myself as a Commissioner. They have lawyers and I have lawyers and we can fight it out in court before I vote no on the $184 million increase. I oppose this increase as a customer and I will oppose it as a Commissioner.

“During the last few months, my kitchen table has functioned as my office and my daughter’s classroom. The COVID-19 pandemic has forced Arizonans to work and school from home. Due to this, APS has seen record profits and has not suspended the peak rates that raise utility prices 140% on Arizonans during the hottest part of the day. Every Arizonan has had to make sacrifices during this troubled time. It is only fair to ask Arizona’s largest and most profitable utility to not impose an increase on the ratepayers at this time.

“Regardless of my opponents’ partisan claims, I am voting no on the APS rate increase. When the voters elect me to the Arizona Corporation Commission as an independent voice my duty will be to represent them first and foremost and to vote no on the current rate increase for APS.”




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