Eric Sloan calls for temporary suspension of on-peak hours for Arizona ratepayers


March 31,2020 


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Eric Sloan calls for temporary suspension of on-peak hours for Arizona ratepayers

Scottsdale, AZ – Candidate for the Arizona Corporation Commission Eric Sloan is calling for a temporary suspension of on-peak hour charges for ratepayers.

The Governor of Arizona has issued social distancing guidelines and most Arizonans are staying at home for their own safety during the COVID-19 crisis. “Utility companies have committed that they will not turn off anyone’s utilities during this crisis and I commend them for that step. But it isn’t enough,” says Sloan.

APS customers are paying .23 cents a kilowatt during peak rate times every week day. That is .13 cents more a kilowatt during on-peak hours than the regular .10 cents on non-peak hours, weekends and holidays. This equates to more than double the off-peak rates while we are sheltering in place at home during this time. Summer rates will be even higher.

According to APS, “Lower-cost off-peak hours are only before 3pm and after 8pm, Monday-Friday, all day on weekends, and on 10 holidays: New Year’s Day, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Presidents day, Cesar Chavez Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day.”

“As Arizonans are losing their employment, concerned about caring and educating their children, and anxious about their family health, they should not have to worry about what time to run the AC or when to cook dinner or do laundry to avoid paying 120% more for electricity,” asserts Sloan.

Sloan stated, “These rates have never been a great deal for seniors and working families and the COVID crisis has escalated the damage to our most vulnerable neighbors. Instead of raking in profits during this crisis, I am asking the utility companies, and especially APS,  to demonstrate that they want to be part of community solution.”

“Everyone is pitching in. Banks are helping families stay in their homes and policy makers have passed aid packages to help Arizonans and the American people. President Trump recently announced that student loan payments will be suspended through September and deadlines for filing taxes have been pushed back. If all of these changes can be made to help adapt us to the current situation, isn’t it time that the utility companies pitch in too,” Sloan concluded?


Eric Sloan is a Republican candidate for the Arizona Corporation Commission 


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