Sloan: It’s time for Union Pacific Railroad to finish what they started


Prescott – During last week’s meeting of the Arizona Corporation Commission, the city of Tempe provided an update on the recovery process related to the train derailment earlier this year. While the City and Union Pacific Railroad have made progress, candidate for Corporation Commission Eric Sloan has expressed concern that a few of the remaining issues should be resolved immediately.


“Reviewing Tempe’s concerns, I’m worried that Union Pacific Railroad’s effort to complete the clean up related to the train derailment is taking too long and could end up costing more in the long run,” said Mr. Sloan. “Of the issues the city has indicated remain unresolved, one of the most alarming is the remaining accident debris in the lake and the possibility of damage to the dam.


“I know that the city and Union Pacific are working hard to complete the recovery. However,

I’m urging UPRR to redouble its efforts to remove the flotsam in the lake caused by the accident and clarify its position on how they plan to reimburse the city for the continuing costs related accident on July 29th.”


“Throughout this campaign, I’ve called on the Corporation Commission to update its rail safety plan so we can avoid tragic accidents and these types of problems. Once elected, one of the

first things I’ll do is reconvene the private and public rail safety partnership and update the plan to reduce rail-related fatalities around the state. With thousands of crossings and 3,000 miles of railroad in the state revising the plan is long overdue.”





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